Sunday, 31 July 2011

Philosophical Quotes!

"Everything has a story. Even nothing. In fact, nothing has quite the story to tell about how it could have been many things but never quite achieved any of them" --Me

In other news, my disk isn't in the best shape. So I defragged it.
Yeah. That was half way through the defragmentation. Red means fragmented files.

Not Good.

Leaping on to a new subject like a confused frogger, there are so many interesting things happening to day that no one cares. Seriously. Atoms smash together and elements react forming the world we live in, as landscapes form and great forces push and pull the Earth's plates about. All interesting stuff. Of course, since by all means anything can be interesting, nothing is. Therefore only when the extraordinary happens anyone can be bothered to do anything.

I also have a TF2 match sometime today apparently, but I doubt its happening, me being a major team player (its 6vs6 so all people are major players) not being on the PC. I'm not actually supposed to be on today, but whatever. All the house chores are done atleast, and I've done all my stuff, so nobody cares right?

Well nobody should care because yeah.

Also I have been playing Chantelise, a game from EasyGameStation translated by Carpe Fulgur. who don't seem to have much imagination in the game title naming, considering both this and their previous game's names. Then again, putting the two main characters names together to make a game name hasn't been done before to my knowledge, so what the heck, something new. (And in case you don't know, "Recette + Tear = Recettear" and "Chante + Elise = Chantelise). It's a cool game I guess, but I had to remap all the controls because I can't use the standard 'z' 'x' 'c' arrow key stuff. I'm an FPS player, so its WASD and PL for me.

Rant Over.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Today is the 27th

That means it is also a Wednesday.

Have you seen the Endermen?

They are quite creepy.

In other news, I like bashing the enter button.

I just played a game of Left 4 Dead 2.

It was very eventful.

I want to start learning programming properly.

I can only do basic small basic and java.

It depresses me somewhat.

Oh well.

Meanwhile, Reading this post must be quite annoying.

The Grordbort Victory pack is still overpowered.

Giving you facts in byte sized chunks!


(Not really a) Rant Over.

Monday, 25 July 2011

It's uh.... Monday

Where have I been last week? Nowhere, but sometimes people (like me) are lazy, and sometimes, people forget things (like me).

Anyway, I'm typing this one-handed, so bear with me, as I am eating lunch. And listening to taiko drums.

Then I have to go do work and cello practice, so whatever.


(Not really a) Rant Over.

TF2's Grordbort Victory Pack:
As my main class is the pyro, I like to reflect things. The problem is, is that the Cow Mangler is hard to reflect. It moves the same speed as a rocket, so why?

If A ball of light was heading towards you that didn't light up its surroundings, and you were looking at is with one eye only, where's your sense of depth perception, especially if the ball doesn't change size from the moment you see it to the moment it smashes your face in.

Anyway yes, the Cow Mangler has 5 shots and a charged shot that unlocks PYRO achievements for the soldier, and is hard to reflect, and never runs out of ammo. Community rage.

The righteous bison on the other hand is reasonably balanced, except you can't tell the difference between its projectile and the projectile of the cow mangler. This isn't so bad until you realise its hard to see what weapon the soldier has out when all you can see are flashes of light and explosions, and its unreflectable. VALVe? Really?

Oh well, I'll just wait for the next overpowered pyro update (hahaha), and then we'll see who laughs last.

(Actual) Rant Over.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sundee in Dundee

Which is in Scotland, in case you didn't know.

Just sitting around, procrastinating rather than getting ready for a French speaking assessment. I don't like French.

In other news, this is the second post today... why?
Because the previous post made up for the absence of a post on Saturday, so here it is anyway, Sunday's post.

Can't think of anything to say right now, so meh.

Rant over.

Only ATP!

Only people of British knowledge would understand the above joke, and its got nothing to do with Armoured Tank Patrols.

Anyway, as you may have not guessed, I didn't post yesterday because I was playing too much SupCom2 and was out with the family shopping. And by that I mean I wandered about doing nothing whilst everyone else bought things.

So, I just got out of bed a few minutes ago, because it's Sunday, so I guess I'll stop here because I neeed to have some brunch and whatnot.

There's also another group I'm in, that's like WCR, except less caring about anything, and is between just me and a few friends. It's a much greater read than this blog. if you visit it, you'll see why.

NOTE: Sarcasm does not work over the internet.

Rant over.

Just kidding, I realised that so far I haven't bothered to apply tags to any of my posts... but who cares, no one reads this junk anyway, and you can just use the navigation bar on the side. The titles I give my posts are relevant enough for the non-existent people out there.

Rant (most likely) over.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Et's Fry-dey

Things I did today:

Played Idle Fortress 2
Played Minecraft
Talked with friends over the interlols.
Played Supreme Spam Commander 2
Complained at bro due to slow internet caused by torrent lulz.
Moaned at slow internet.
Stopped playing Minecraft.
Moaned at slower internet.
Stopped most internet applications.
Rant about internet to bro.
Talk about Fry-Dey related things.
Post Blog.

So, It's frydey, and that means the weekend has (for most) started, technically anyway. For students, this is also the penultimate week before the summer holiday (yay), unless you're a private student, in which case, bad private student.

Also on today's agenda, what happens when you cross an elephant and mouse?

Nothing, except the elephant may walk away from the mouse, that is, if you assume you crossed both the elephant and mouse at the same time, which is what the question supposedly is trying to convey, but which may not be the case. Alternatively, it could refer scientifically, to the crossing of genetic codes in which the answer would end up most likely as not much except an angry elephant/mouse.

Unless it's sedated.

This is a rather boring blog, isn't it?
Maybe if I knew people read it, I may bother doing something, but right now its just an output for the random things that flow through my mind which happen to come down in text on this page. Also because I never had a diary, and I promised myself, I'd do a post everyday until whenever, or I forget, which would mean another very long hiatus. Especially if the specific circumstances happen to be death.

That's very serious.

So, go ahead and and something else, there's no point hanging around here unless you are sincerely bored out of your mind, because reading this boring blog about nothing is sure to cause some mental breakdown or general brain damage.

Rant (I guess) over.

PS: Spot the totally obvious typography error in the above paragraph.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Today, it is Thursday;

And I don't care.

News today: yesterday was boring, tomorrow will be good for it is Friday.

This is also an blog. You shouldn't read it if you know what's good for your state of mind and sense of humour. Also disregard the previous statement regarding interblags. XKCD is a cool read.

Once upon a time, tools made using meteorites were the best because they contained pure metals, such as iron. This is why there is a misconception used in video games as to why meteor crafted items are awesomely awesome. Or because it's from space.

Anyway, I've got a cello lesson today.

Rant (or not) over.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Why'd lightning make such a great war tactician?

Because it always takes the path of shortest resistance.

Meanwhile, I'm performing in a dance concert, and it is going to be very boring. I'm also supposed to be using this interblag.

In other news and so forth, some mates and I have an interestingly names content lacking blog about stuff. What's also funny, because this thing keeps trying to auto correct 'blog' to a word that's not blog. So, to stop me from getting confused by having red lines under 'blog' I'm going to call blog' a 'interblag' because it is funny and is already added to the dictionary for some reason unbeknownst to the forefront of my face.

Also, Team Fortress 2 is a fun game.

This is a very boring interblag. Why are you reading this.

Rant Over.
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