It's uh.... Monday

Where have I been last week? Nowhere, but sometimes people (like me) are lazy, and sometimes, people forget things (like me).

Anyway, I'm typing this one-handed, so bear with me, as I am eating lunch. And listening to taiko drums.

Then I have to go do work and cello practice, so whatever.


(Not really a) Rant Over.

TF2's Grordbort Victory Pack:
As my main class is the pyro, I like to reflect things. The problem is, is that the Cow Mangler is hard to reflect. It moves the same speed as a rocket, so why?

If A ball of light was heading towards you that didn't light up its surroundings, and you were looking at is with one eye only, where's your sense of depth perception, especially if the ball doesn't change size from the moment you see it to the moment it smashes your face in.

Anyway yes, the Cow Mangler has 5 shots and a charged shot that unlocks PYRO achievements for the soldier, and is hard to reflect, and never runs out of ammo. Community rage.

The righteous bison on the other hand is reasonably balanced, except you can't tell the difference between its projectile and the projectile of the cow mangler. This isn't so bad until you realise its hard to see what weapon the soldier has out when all you can see are flashes of light and explosions, and its unreflectable. VALVe? Really?

Oh well, I'll just wait for the next overpowered pyro update (hahaha), and then we'll see who laughs last.

(Actual) Rant Over.