Philosophical Quotes!

"Everything has a story. Even nothing. In fact, nothing has quite the story to tell about how it could have been many things but never quite achieved any of them" --Me

In other news, my disk isn't in the best shape. So I defragged it.
Yeah. That was half way through the defragmentation. Red means fragmented files.

Not Good.

Leaping on to a new subject like a confused frogger, there are so many interesting things happening to day that no one cares. Seriously. Atoms smash together and elements react forming the world we live in, as landscapes form and great forces push and pull the Earth's plates about. All interesting stuff. Of course, since by all means anything can be interesting, nothing is. Therefore only when the extraordinary happens anyone can be bothered to do anything.

I also have a TF2 match sometime today apparently, but I doubt its happening, me being a major team player (its 6vs6 so all people are major players) not being on the PC. I'm not actually supposed to be on today, but whatever. All the house chores are done atleast, and I've done all my stuff, so nobody cares right?

Well nobody should care because yeah.

Also I have been playing Chantelise, a game from EasyGameStation translated by Carpe Fulgur. who don't seem to have much imagination in the game title naming, considering both this and their previous game's names. Then again, putting the two main characters names together to make a game name hasn't been done before to my knowledge, so what the heck, something new. (And in case you don't know, "Recette + Tear = Recettear" and "Chante + Elise = Chantelise). It's a cool game I guess, but I had to remap all the controls because I can't use the standard 'z' 'x' 'c' arrow key stuff. I'm an FPS player, so its WASD and PL for me.

Rant Over.