Et's Fry-dey

Things I did today:

Played Idle Fortress 2
Played Minecraft
Talked with friends over the interlols.
Played Supreme Spam Commander 2
Complained at bro due to slow internet caused by torrent lulz.
Moaned at slow internet.
Stopped playing Minecraft.
Moaned at slower internet.
Stopped most internet applications.
Rant about internet to bro.
Talk about Fry-Dey related things.
Post Blog.

So, It's frydey, and that means the weekend has (for most) started, technically anyway. For students, this is also the penultimate week before the summer holiday (yay), unless you're a private student, in which case, bad private student.

Also on today's agenda, what happens when you cross an elephant and mouse?

Nothing, except the elephant may walk away from the mouse, that is, if you assume you crossed both the elephant and mouse at the same time, which is what the question supposedly is trying to convey, but which may not be the case. Alternatively, it could refer scientifically, to the crossing of genetic codes in which the answer would end up most likely as not much except an angry elephant/mouse.

Unless it's sedated.

This is a rather boring blog, isn't it?
Maybe if I knew people read it, I may bother doing something, but right now its just an output for the random things that flow through my mind which happen to come down in text on this page. Also because I never had a diary, and I promised myself, I'd do a post everyday until whenever, or I forget, which would mean another very long hiatus. Especially if the specific circumstances happen to be death.

That's very serious.

So, go ahead and and something else, there's no point hanging around here unless you are sincerely bored out of your mind, because reading this boring blog about nothing is sure to cause some mental breakdown or general brain damage.

Rant (I guess) over.

PS: Spot the totally obvious typography error in the above paragraph.