Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Release: Pick Pack 1.9

Yay I updated it for 1.9, which means modifying json files for visual cues to damage and stuff! As well as a few minor icon/particle adjustments, this also fixes a few graphical glitches on things like chests that the previous versions had an issue with. I don't even play Minecraft that often though why am I doing this.

Pick Pack

Download v1.9
A modification on various textures and items for the sake of it. Previously went by the name of Some Tiles due to changes made to various blocks, and also before that as Pick Pack (due to the original emphasis of making tools look less boring). Maybe it should be called Pick Tiles.

Friday, 18 March 2016

How not to Coordinate self

It's hard trying to get me, myself and I to play together with yours truly in any semblance of anything more than a junior string section...

I feel sorry for those guys that do this professionally with video editing. Think of the number of takes!
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