Only ATP!

Only people of British knowledge would understand the above joke, and its got nothing to do with Armoured Tank Patrols.

Anyway, as you may have not guessed, I didn't post yesterday because I was playing too much SupCom2 and was out with the family shopping. And by that I mean I wandered about doing nothing whilst everyone else bought things.

So, I just got out of bed a few minutes ago, because it's Sunday, so I guess I'll stop here because I neeed to have some brunch and whatnot.

There's also another group I'm in, that's like WCR, except less caring about anything, and is between just me and a few friends. It's a much greater read than this blog. if you visit it, you'll see why.

NOTE: Sarcasm does not work over the internet.

Rant over.

Just kidding, I realised that so far I haven't bothered to apply tags to any of my posts... but who cares, no one reads this junk anyway, and you can just use the navigation bar on the side. The titles I give my posts are relevant enough for the non-existent people out there.

Rant (most likely) over.