The Year 2020: Coming to a Close

  Turns out, I actually did a decent amount of art this year! So here we are, at the end of the year 12,020 HE (thanks, Kurzgesagt). It has been a bit of a weird one.  Livelihoods have been disrupted irreversibly, in ways that perhaps many could have predicted but few were really prepared for. Let's not beat about the bush; this was an unprecedented year for... webcams!  Originally I planned to engage with others more through social events and boy did plans for that take a sharp turn. I did of course continue to visit friends and family, going for meals and casual game nights, but everything happened through video calls, takeaways, and streamed jackbox parties. Surprisingly enough it would be fair to say that this has been a very social year all things considered; everyone's now online and more connected than ever. It shows that despite a global pandemic and cultural unrest, people will always find ways to carry on as if almost nothing happened. So then, how did 2020 fare? Let&

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