Sm4sh Brothers Silly Customisation Gimmicks

Some equipment marked optional do not play into the core gimmick but work well nevertheless.
Special moves marked x can be filled with whatever really.

Luigi xxx2, ATK ATK ATK, Moonlauncher, Vampire(optional):

    How 2 Gimmick: Super Jump Punch people to death and get sweet, sweet health back.
    Comments: Really bad, but fun.

Bowser 2333, DEF DEF DEF, Nimble Dodger(optional):

    How 2 Gimmick: It's just Bowser but heavier. Specials can be used to zippy zap across the stage at high speed.
    Comments: It's like having two lives in one. And super fast slow Bowser is hilarious.

Yoshi xx12, ATK ATK DEF, Meteor Master, Critical-Hitter(optional):

    How 2 Gimmick: Dair. Fair.
    Comments: Terrible, but the damaaaaage.

Donkey Kong 3332, ATK ATK DEF, Moonlauncher(optional), Meteor Master(optional):

    How 2 Gimmick: Nothing special other than DK's ridiculous specials. Focused Slap + Moonlauncher.
    Comments: EXPAND

Donkey Kong xxxx, SPD SPD SPD, High Jump, Springer Moonlauncher(optional):

    How 2 Gimmick: Deal damage then grab them and jump into space! Follow an up throw with an up aerial if you're feeling lucky, though you may need to chuck them out of the grab before you hit the top of your jump height (unless you want to double jump it).
    Comments: Ding Dong!

Link xxx3, ATK ATK DEF, Item-Hurler, Meteor Master:

    How 2 Gimmick: Bombs don't explode on impact with the ground. They are also now metoer-smashing smash attacks.
    Comments: Bombs won't actually kill from the ground until 300-400%.

Sheik x2x3, BALANCED, Low Jump, Moon Launcher, Pro Glider:

    How 2 Gimmick: More comboooooos. Pisces is the strongest KO special.
    Comments: How not to combo with Sheik, but does open up quite a few new options.

Kirby x3xx, ATK ATK DEF, Solid Smasher:

    How 2 Gimmick: Giant Hammer gives you INFINITE SUPER ARMOUR.
    Comments: Home ruuuun. Just don't get grabbed.

Fox xx3x, BALANCED, Air Scrapper:

    How 2 Gimmick: Twisting Fox is a silly move.
    Comments: Do a barrel roll!

Charizard 22x1, ATK ATK ATK, Moon Launcher, Trade-off Attacker, Critical-Hitter(optional):

    How 2 Gimmick: Apply Blast Burn directly to face.
    Comments: A personal favourite, which I call BOMB.

Jiggly Puff xxxx, BALANCED, Pro Glider, Springer:

    How 2 Gimmick: You can now do two Fairs in one short hop, and follow with pro glider!
    Comments: Not quite true comboes, but silly good fun.

Villager xxx2, BALANCED, Critical-Hitter(optional):

    How 2 Gimmick: Trip Seed OP. 'Nuff said
    Comments: Trip seed is an unbeatable and amazing zoning tool.

Dr. Mario 3332, ATK ATK SPD, Moon Launcher, Pro Glider:

    How 2 Gimmick: Fast Dr. Mario with early KOs.
    Comments: Actually really bad until you land something. But at least you're mobile.

Shulk 1xxx, AKT ATK DEF, Trade-Off Attacker, Pro Glider, Critical-Hitter:

    How 2 Gimmick: Sometimes you can critical hit the Down Smash to combo into itself because why not.
    Comments: Dash Vision is pretty good for camp, Back Slash Leap is also useful.


    How 2 Gimmick: Drop On-fire hydrant. Bair is now strong enogh to knock hydrant for super quick projectile.
    Comments: It's like a Burning Drop Kick without the Mii Brawler.

Megaman x22x, AKT ATK ATK, Moon Launcher:

    How 2 Gimmick: Up Smash, Down Smash, Utilt, Dtilt, Uair, Ice Slasher.
    Comments: Megaman has so many attacks that launch upwards its unreal.

Sonic xxxx, SPD SPD SPD, Sprinter, Skater, Speed Crasher:

    How 2 Gimmick: Make Sonic the blue blur he was always meant to be! Run circles through your foes!
    Comments: It's too fast. DO NOT use with Bunny Hood and Superspicy Curry - you have been warned.

Roy, ATK ATK ATK, Trade-off Attacker, Desperate Attacker, Critical-Hitter:

    How 2 Gimmick: The famous Roy customisation. Charge up that Flare Blade for a 1/3 chance to deal >200% Damage.
    Comments: Couple with Super Mushroom, with desperate attacker active, 999% is achievable. SCIENCE!