My Digital Panting Process

We gunna maek dis to be prety picture
Basically this is just pictures of my drawing with minor commentary.

A base and some shading emphasis around areas which are integral to the composition.*

*aka I do random splotches of light and dark from the windows until it looks cool. Also implies wood and plaster-ish texture.

Far back objects of little significance that will be covered ip later anyway.
For the all important layering aspect, of course.

The stairwell area and also the railing where the washing is to be hung

The bedroom; walls, planks and the room's eponymous furniture piece.
And the last layer before the finished product, shadows. Why shadows? I mean I already have shading in and everything. Well its simply because things look better in contrast, and as human beings our eyes automatically adjust to different levels of brightness, so naturally things end up brighter/darker based on what brightness level our eyes are at. Also known as bloom makes everything 100% cooler.

The shadow layer is set to BURN THE PICTURE, whereas the light is but an overlay.