A comic about playtesting

Read on to see my break up of the steps in which I made it.
So first off is the basic plan. This is pretty much a sketch of where I want elements to go, where things happen and speech bubbles, but not always.
Then I draw over the boxes. I like to do weird layouts and leave boxes out entirely, partly because I just feel like doing it and because I think it makes the page look neat and more open. I also do a slightly more detailed sketch showing more precisely what's happening in each box.
Then it's the inking. I'm a bit silly and skip the all important preliminary pencil sketch where you actually do the art and go straight to the 'inking'. I tend to ctrl-z things out a lot and most of the boxes have been through 1 to 3 iterations with this methods. It's not great.
This bit I usually ignore, but I'm starting to do medium shades more since it just makes the darn thing look much nicer.
This took me about 4 hours. That's too looooooong.