FTL: Faster Than Light

Captains Log @ The Daves:

First Day - With David, Doris, Dave
Met some hostile slave-traders. Denied slave request using brute force. They surrendered to us a Mantis Man. Welcome aboard Giles
Discovered a planet with plague and rioting. Helped prevented rioting and gained resources, but lost David to the infection.
Mercenary scum?. I would kill them all, but with just Dave and Doris, it may get a bit rough, so I'll pass.
Came across a nebula and found a damaged ship. Recovered surviving crew member, aka GMFaux.
Attacked by a rebel drone ship in a vicinity close to a sun. Running low on missiles, but shot its sorry ass back to the sun. Also got scraps.
Escaped solar flares. Most of the ship surprisingly flammable, managed to jump out of there. Giles also surprisingly flammable.
Ship still mostly sauteed, but met some neutral slave-traders. Denied request to trade. Accepted request to PARTY (with wrenches).
More Mercenaries in a rebel fighter. Space Scum! We can totally take this guy, and we're one jump away from the exit.
As expected, blasting the piloting part of the ship makes them surrender with great hasty. We accept their offer for missiles and scraps. NOT.
Hull destroyed, leaving us with twice the offer, um, offered, and fuel. Jolly good show!
A distress signal! A station on fire! We try to dock, as this is least likely to get us killed, but the ship fails to dock properly. Oh well, more scrap.

Exeunt! Let's visit the Engi!

Hmm, on second thought, with a mantis man on board, this may not have been the idea...
A merchant wishes mercenary help? Why not (be hypocritical)? We need to deliver some drone parts to a star on our way to the exit.
A rogue satellite? Shoot it of course! We salvage what we can and make of before it fires back.
We arrive at where we are to drop off our supplies, but the station does not hail. Investigate!
Insane crew members aboard the satellite - let's mow some people down! They are not match for GILES. Oh and some not insane crew member called Dengler joins.
Might as well upgrade our shields, no laser shall be a match for THE DAVE(now with 20% more names beginning with D)
Distress? Some pirates are lodged in between some asteroids. We'll help'em, and if they fire, we KILL THEM ALL! MUAHAHAHAHAoh wait they just gave us scrap. Cool.
Some merchant planet. Wouldn't mind fixing up the ship and refueling, but not enough scrap... unless we sell this System Repair Drone, which we can't use!
Giant alien spiders? No joke, we gunna shoot some bugs. Get some scrap and everything.
Another abandoned planet, more abandoned SCRAP! Rebels closing in, let us LEAVE!
Hah! Ambushed by a rebel fighter? We broke one of those before, so let's do it again! Co-ordinated missiles and lasers mean maximum damage and they have no shields!
Surrender? Us? Hmm... That's a nice offer you got there. Why not... EXCEPT YOU ARE ALL REBEL SCUM DIE! FOR THE FEDERATION!
Oh yes, and:

Exeunt! Let's visit the Uncharted Nebula

This nebula is pretty... nebula-y so I guess getting though it as quickly as possible is MAYBE A GOOD IDEA. PERHAPS.
A black market weapons trader offers an unknown weapon. I offer him a well known weapon. To the face. He wisely rethinks his trade. Pike beam ahoy!
A Mantis fighter? They engage us. We accept their offer. With guns. They board. They die. That was easy.
It's earily quiet.
A pirate ship is trying to avoid us? Pursue the space scum! They try to surrender, but they chipped the paint on the ship. so they will DIE.
From the wreckage we receive a prisoner from the ship who wishes to seek revenge on her captors (who are dead) and joins us. Hi Lisandra. You can TAKE REVENGE by being the DOOR OPERATOR! REVENGE THOSE DOORS!
We bump hulls with a Mantis Scout. Woops. Not our problem.

Exeunt! Let's visit the Zoltan

A store, let's fixup this scrap bucket.
A research group has some genetic distortion experiment. Sounds like SCIENCE, I'm in! They gave us some thank you scrap.
Our ship is hailed by rhyming drones. We tell them to suck some... scones? Anyway no thanks.
More slaver scum? Fire away! This is in fact incredibly boring as we pointlessly blast away at each others shields, so we just leave.
We arrive in the middle of a gun fight. Accept the bribe, or try to be a hero? I choose blast their brains out! In return, the merchant ship fixes our ship.
An Engi bomber? Darn, we'll have to evade. Or not. Oh well, abandon ship! And so close to the exit too!

Game Over.