So begins a new chapter in the history of Mightyanus

Yes, that's right, its the time for Dwarf Fortress!

We'll be rotating the players around each tuesday & thursday, and I'll be mentioning the most interesting goings on in this blog. Meanwhile, today is blackout day for a lot of sites protesting against, SOPA, PIPA and all that.

This includes Wikipedia and Mojang, among others, are participating in a 24 hour blackout starting from midnight.

I don't really care about all of this, because it's in the U.S., too many sites are already chatting about it, and its an inconvenience to us all in other countries that speak English, like how a blog I sometimes go on is currently being redirected by the hosts to this.

It's really annoying, yes.

In other news, what is Dwarf Fortress about?

Well, it is a fantasy simulation of the control of a group of dwarves and the creation and various activities of their/your fortress. As a disembodied entity that gives out commands, you instruct the dwarves on how to build their fortress, and pretty much everything else. Think of a realistic simulator where you control dwarves, who are as dumb as the first The Sims game's AI. How well they do is up to you, and what nature throws at you.

Try it, although it has a steep learning curve. Basically, look at the dwarf fortress wiki and look at what you need to do when making a fortress.

Also, have you seen the Minecraft Screenshot 1.2? It has jungles, which are pretty awesome.

Rant Over.