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For those who actually came here to see me ranting about stuff and/or drawing terrible pictures of random stuff, possibly related to bowls of fruit...

Too bad. More exams.

Nah, today's subject is about midgets.

Not the kind that buzz around and sometimes be annoying. The kind that buzz around and try to be annoying. Specifically, some of the younger pupils in my place of education. Just now I have heard a 12 year old (and its always 12-14) responding to a ringtone of questionable origin, involving 'Chamillionaire' and a certain song of much profanity. Is this what most young kids do these days? Not just this, either. I have had cases of being bashed into walls, pick pocketed, foul-mouthed and generally insulted and disrespected by random young kids of whom I have never met before or heard of. And this happens with almost every new face.

And that doesn't hold much hope for the future of civil, respectable society.

I'm starting to feel that my upbringing is uncommon and unnoticed. I have taken time to observe, so my views of poor behaviour only apply to about half of those younger than I, but it still seems odd how behaviour has deteriated over the years. Most of the mildly more mature people I know are few and far between, and a lot of older people I know are atleast half decent.

This is just me complaining about things, so no one need care, and I don't particularly give a hoot about what I've just written, so nevermind that.

About that bowl of fruit...

\                   /
Someone ate the fruit, so there.
Rant Over.