M for Music (and Monday!)

Atleast, I think it is. (EDIT: Nope, it's Sunday).

Anyway, I composed more random music, using this free program called MuseScore. It's good. How good? I did my GCSE Composition using it. If you can use it right anyway.

You can listen to it here.

HAHA it wasn't actually a link, but you already knew that. Why am I doing this? Because as I am writing this post, the music is STILL UPLOADING - hooray Dropbox. It's uploading really slowly. As in I started writing this a minute after uploading, and it is of right now 47% done. So I'm going to procrastinate and eat some lunch.

--- INTERLUDE (eating) ---

Ok, I'm back with a tasty Cornish Pasty. They are tasty.

Also it took 8 minutes to upload so LISTEN TO IT HERE. Also, Hooray for Audacity and its mp3 conversion. (get lame first though!).

It case you hadn't guessed the link is in the full stop because it looks funny. The music is experimental in that I was mainly testing out the whole voices thing to sustain notes.

Rant Over.