No Flash Photography

Yes, its friday, where everyone goes out and buys drinks or shops in town and such. Because us brits are very priveliged to have our 2 days off (well for some of us). We are on the whole a lazy country, after all.

But these weeks rant is not about that! It is in fact, about... uh, whatever I can think of to rant about. For the sake of saving time I'm going to write down what comes across my mind on a bunch of pages on TV Tropes by hitting the random button.
So let's start.

  1. The Home Page - This is the TV Tropes home page. It appears to have had a slight overhaul since I've last been here. Emebedded videos, wot wot?

  2. Adaption Dye Job - Odd name. Oh wait, bad pun, ohohohohohohoho -OW MY EYES. Kaiba with green hair does that to most people, so that's to be expected

  3. Rock Opera - Never seen this trope before. So it appears to be about rock music that depicts a story, like an opera. Or a badass musical. Anyway, RANDOM

  4. Deadly Closing Credits - Wussat. Oh, that. Yeah people dying or being mortally wounded during these credit types appear to be quite high. Not my concern.

Talking about random, that can be my rant for today I guess.

Well, specifically, acheiving randomness on a program. There are several ways, but surely by creating a random number through a set of commands, it is not truly random. People say only a conscience like, say, a duck, can think up something comepletely random, but this is not true. For example, everyone has a bias, and asking someone who plays football all day to say something random, the likelihood is is that 6/10 times he will probably say something football related, or something he has interacted with recently, like a television. But going back to computers, the random number is truly unbiased, however, it can be easily recreated by simply inputting the right variables. Many RNGs use time, or other constantly changing variables, but again, this is not true randomness. However, sometimes people are not satisfied with just random, but what can be done? They obviously don't want true randomness right? Surely, true randomness can cause all sorts of problems. Well whatever - I'm going to end this post now.

Rant Over (most definately, a word I cannot spell correctly ever...).