A post in under 4 minutes!

Yes that's right, 4 minutes!

Well, actually 2 because I need to go in 2 minutes, since I'm posting from school.

Man 2 minutes isn't really a good space of time to write a constructive post.

Oh well.

Ok, 1 minute left.


Cheese is a type of dairy food made from milk or seomthing like that, or was it yoghurt, whatever, anyway, cheese is very tasty with tasy foods, so it is often portrayed in movies, films, shows and whathaveyou as good. Character eating cheese? Is a good guy or a mouse. Character burning cheese? Can't cook or is very evil. Character making cheese explode as part of a convoluted plan of no meaning? Awesome.

Anyway 1 minute is up, go to go!

(Not at all a) Rant Over!