Oh my.

Not feeling too good today. I have my reasons.

Emotionally of course, but who cares. I doubt anyone reads this anyway. Hahaha.

So apparently my French essay isn't getting marked - it's that bad. So I probably have to write a new one. I got parents raging at me and more homework to do. Sometimes I'd like to be not me. But it's life I guess, so we all have to deal with whatever comes our way and punch it in the face. Or cower from it and hide. Or be diplomatic and make a good deal of it.

I'm not too good at this life business.

Sometimes I like to post humorous posts, or ones with great meaning or understanding of the world. But not this post. It is very 'unspecial'. Like me. Haha - another self-depreciative joke there.

Well whatever, I'll just sidle my way through somehow and hope to get out of it in roughly one piece. Or several.

Rant over. (I can never remember if I'm supposed to capitalise the 'o'. But who cares!)