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See that title? So true.

The Apathetic Federation had yet another overhaul of its style, something which somewhat displeases me, but losers can't be winners or something.

I'm just finishing this piece of work and about to do some more mapping.
Usually I'd rant about something, so let's not make this post any extra special. Today's topic: Alphabet Soup


Because alphabet soup doesn't rhyme with orange, which of course can be spelled with alphabet soup. Unlike most other people I'm not going to talk about the interesting facts or how certain alphabetical symbols can be found more commonly than others. Instead I'm going to talk about Fridge Magnets. Except I won't, because Fridge Magnets are a bit silly and have no real use other than random décor in your luxury kitchen, or as to act as signs, notes and reminders, like in that film where that person did that thing. Also on the topic of Fridge Magnets are how they are related to alphabet soup, except they are not edible under normal circumstances.

Going on from that, I'm going to talk about that magical metal that makes your refrigerator cold: Magic. Why do fridges keep things cool? Because you can go read up about it yourself, but it can be simplified to coils that take heat inside the fridge and moves it to the exterior - which can be demonstrated by using a thermal camera to record a fridge dropping onto someone. The results you may find will probably support that of most of the internet, as well as science. Of course you have by now realised that magic and metals of that attribute are non-existent within the above explanation.

Well enough chat from me, most of the above doesn't really make any sense and that's good enough in my opinion, so go make a sandwich or something, or admire Piranesi's Carceri artwork.

(Raving, a form of ) Rant(ing, is often used on conjunction with each other in phrases such as this websites, subtitles, which also happen to be) over (the top of the website, surprise surprise).