Just a view

I have a sister that watches Scooby Doo. But it's not the same anymore.
The original writing for Scooby Doo was a zany, odd and silly but overall enjoyable view, and I still occasionally sit down and watch the odd old episode, but the new series seem to be aiming more towards seriousness and story.
That isn't what Scooby Doo is about though. And another criticism, Scooby isn't supposed to talk, or when he does mutter the occasional sentence, its appropriately silly in context, but now it seems he's a fully blown cowardly dog actor. Admittedly he doesn't talk too much but he still talks a lot more than before. I liked Fred's overly complex traps (which almost always failed), Velma's continuous loss of glasses, Shaggy and Scoobiy's shenanigans and all these other gags that made Scooby Doo what it was.
Okay, I admit I'm probably being an old orange, but I don't think the writers have graspe the right idea. Or maybe its just this younger (than me) generation prefer these sort of things.