Never Say Nether

I'm talking about: MineCraft (alpha)
I drew that on a new tablet I am using, as a test. In case you didn't work it out (through not playing Minecraft - Unlikely, or not being to the nether yet: More Likely). Pretty much sums up my experience in The Nether:

1. Enter The Nether
2. Woo Nether
3. I hear noises...
5. Run from Giant Flying Cubic Tentacled Fire-Ball Spewing Evil Freaky Ghost-things (called ghasts)
6. Die
7. Respawn
8. Soak, Rinse, Dry, Apply TLC, Back to 1

Remember Kids: Always pack extra grilled pork and arrows (and diamond armour) when visiting worlds where time stands still outside of it, featuring a distinct lack of cardinal direction, an obsessive amount of lava, and netherstone, and slowsand and etc.

The only thing that would make it any worse would be flaming ninja nether creepers. But for know, I'm going to sit around in my overworld base and snipe them pesky normal creepers.