If you've been paying attention to the news recently, you'll know that Monday was bank holiday, that people have been spurting out 'May the Forth be with you', and that it's the day of the General Elections (Or the mock elections if you're in my school).

Of course, being the sensible readers that you are, you would've voted for your most suited local MP, which in turn will occupy a seat representing your local population to do political things and so forth.

Or you haven't voted.

If you have, then good, you have been a help to the community, the UK, and you deserve a pat on the back. If you haven't yet, you've got till 10:00pm GMT to vote, so Gogogo!

Now that's over, lets talk about: Garrys Mod

Except I already have...
Well, too bad, because I'm not reviewing the game itself, but rather the additional content. (yay!)

First of all, any garrysmodder will know that the Addons folder is your friend, and if you don't, make it so. Now, if you've been playing garrysmod long enough, your addons folder will be full of junk, broken files and corrupted bits and bobs. And some good, working addons. Of course, you will need to find these 'good addons', which may be difficult due to the large amount of addons that corrupt each other. If you don't have any addons, you should really get some good addons from the garrysmod download website.
"Ah", you may say,"how do I know what to get, and whether they work?"
Well the obvious answer to that is to ask a forum, like facepunch...
Or you could look at my uncomprehensive list of cool addons.

Just about any server, duplication or fancy WWI fighter will need this pack to function correctly, as just about everyone uses it to build professional, complex contraption-things. It supplies you with flat, precise and accurate props allowing complex things to be built down to the 0.001 source engine measurement, or something like that. And something as awesome as this needs something as useful as...
This cool addon allows you to easily build these contraption with ease of effort, as it automatically snaps your tool to a grid, letting you place props with a pointlessly high accuracy. Then again, if you're not into building things, but rather mess around, you might want to try
These game modes put you in situation similar to that of the Sims (remember that dusty old game lying on your shelf that you got addicted to every holiday?). You have money, needs, and require each part of the community to to there job. Or rob you dry.

More addon suggestions soon...