We're (I'm) Back!

Yes, you heard me right, I'm back. might aswell use the blog while it's still here - better to do something and gain nothing than do nothing at all. Or something like that. Well either way, yeah, I'm going to be posting on here slightly more often. So here's a start.


So lets talk about: Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is a four player co-oop that follows four survivors desperatley escaping from the infection outbreak that has turned most of the world population into mindless zombie things, very much like the prequel, Left 4 Dead 1.

Left 4 Dead 2 mainly features new guns, usable items and new special infected, and focuses on a more dynamic way to play with the Director... V.2! This makes the gameplay different with every playthrough, although you are still limited to general level layout design.

Left 4 Dead series focuses on the multiplayer and sticking together aspects of gameplay, as a handful of the jolly infected chappies have developed the ability to pin, charge, spit, vomit, wrap or ride on survivors, further enhancing the sticking together rule of thumb, as any single player wandering on their own ends up getting pinned, charged, spitted, vomitted, wrapped or ridden on, by the Hunter, Charger, Spitter, Booomer, Smokerand Jockey, respectively.

One main focus is, of course, weapons and items, including the M16, AK47/AK74, SCAR, pump chrome combat and auto shotgun, and the hunting and militiary rifle. It also has a defibrillator, and adrenlaine for reviving and speeding up, aswell as the original Medkit and Pills from Left 4 Dead 1.

The gameplay itself can also either be suspenseful or frantic depending on where you are, what you're doing and whether the director really wants to be sympathetic to you, although after 10minutes into a game, you will find that the almighty director will still be throwing hordes at you left right and centre when you're not paying attention, regadless of how badly you're doing... that is if you're not dead already.

Of course like all games designed for multiplayer, Left 4 Dead isn't really fun on single player, but most people will atleast assume you have friends to play with. Well, if you don't, you can always try entering a random server, but doing so will normally end up with you being thrown into a server which happens to be three (or less) 'pubbers' and you against a well-organised and probably more skilled clan, where you will be finding yourself quitting as soon as possible. This is known across the online community as 'ragequitting', where doing so will end up with people finding your name and address and hunting you down... not really, although it is usually frowned upon by most players, but since they don't know who you are, some won't usally care anyway.

The game overall is very entertaining, assuming that you aren't losing and that you have friends who will be willing to spend their time playing with you, and can occasionally spout the funny scenes of amazing wins or amazing failures.

Now i would include pictures, but I'm sure that you can just looks them up for yourself on google or yahoo or something like that.