The Gadget Show Exhibition at the NEC

Well today, We went to the NEC, where they were hosting the Gadget Show Exhibition. We wandered about in the large room for about an hour, where there were quite a lot of stalls advertising different products and such. Some of which were the RAF, the DSi, the world's thinnest LED TV and Power Tool Drag Racing by Silverline. There were also a few things hosted by the Gadget show itself, such as a Test Track and a Gadget Hall of Fame. We had our tickets for the show to be at 4:00pm and we arrived -7 minutes late. The show itself featured the four presenters, John, Jason, Suzi and Otis. There were a few competitions such as who could text the famous nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty, the fastest (within a minute), with quite a few distractions. Also shown was a Man V Gadget where Otis Deley and a Panasonic Toughbook went head to head. All in all, it was rather interesting and I would go next time, although a little more planning would be nice.