I'm here to review about scratch. At first glimpse this programming program is slightly hard to understand, until you start to mess around with it. When you do, you find out all sorts of tools that enable you to make a good game. When you think your game is ready, a button allows you to share your work with others on the main website by uploading it onto your account. It uses a simple drag and drop method with easy to understand buttons, like 'Move () Steps'. The creators claim this to be aimed at 'ages 8 and up'. On the website, you can invite people, or be invited to, gallerys where you can find many projects based on a theme, like say Halo. A very useful tool in the programming section is that instead of importing pictures, you can draw your own right there. I've enjoyed using this program and if you want to see my profile on scratch, then visit:

Oh also look at StencylWorks