A translation workflow program thing?

How do I even Japan?
A program developed at the request of a friend at Trilobite Scans, who also named it. Basically a simple web browser, text editor and image viewer rolled up into one confusing windows form package.
  • Windows Forms web browser for internetting.
  • Creates .txt files of each image when selected. Saves when switched or exited via File > Save and Exit.
  • Displays images in a folder of (for the moment) a singletype .jpg, .png or .bmp.
  • Image can be zoomed, panned.
  • Alt + Left | Right shortcut to navigate pages.
  • Automatically reads all supported image extensions from folder (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .wmf)
  • Does not load website automatically on start up.
  • Scroll bars removed. 
  • Zoom works way better (actually zooms in camera)
  • Added an about button instead of credits.
  • Added new ALT shortcuts:
    • WASD for panning
    • Up and Down for zoom
    • SHIFT + ALT does the same, but faster
  • Text has scroll bars and generally should work better.
  • Fixed a bunch of things to make it generally nicer.
It's still in development but the bare bones are there, so it's workable. At least version 1.13 by the time you read this.